The effect of 2% chlorhexidine bathing to lower the healthcare associated infection densities among ICU patients

Urinary tract infection and catheter-related bloodstream infection are the leading causes of healthcare associated infection (HAI) among ICU patients. Bundle care policy to remove catheters for them was consider a useful strategy to lower the HAI densities. But, we need another strategy for the patients unable to remove their Foley catheters or central venous catheters. In recent publications, daily 2% chlorhexidine (CHG) bathing can clean the colonized bacteria on the body of ICU patients. This study is aim to evaluate the effect of daily 2% CHG bathing for the HAI rates among ICU patients.

1.Establishing an action team, composed of Infection Control Office, leaders from ICU and Department of Nursing.
2.Searching the publication of 2% CHG bathing to develop the model in our ICU.
3.Taping video of standard 2% CHG bathing procedures to educate ICU staffs.
4.Examining the correctness and compliance of 2% CHG daily bathing procedures of ICU staffs.
5.Conducting the study since January 1, 2019.
6.Monthly surveillance of the HAI densities of ICU patients and feeding back the results to ICU staffs.
The urinary tract infection densities and bloodstream infection densities of ICU patients in 2018 were 2.05‰ and 1.18‰, respectively. After applying the 2% CHG daily bathing strategy, the urinary tract infection densities and bloodstream infection densities of ICU patients until October 31, 2019 were significantly reduced to 0.34‰ and 0.00‰, respectively.
Reviewing the publications of 2% CHG bathing can reduce the bloodstream infection among ICU patients. So we established the standard procedure of 2% CHG bathing for our ICU patients and examined the ICU staffs to make sure the consistence and compliance of the procedure. We also fed back the results of HAI to ICU staffs. Our study results support the efficacy of 2% CHG daily bathing for the ICU patients can significantly reduce the urinary tract infection and bloodstream infection in ICU patients and can improve of the quality of care.